Industry Testimonials


jenniferBJennifer Bullard
Director of Program Management
Querium Corporation

“UT Austin has created a top tier game development program that prepares students for work in the video game industry. This much-needed program brings qualified candidates to employer’s doorsteps and supports our local ecosystem. We are looking forward to great graduates year after year.”

ScottHScott Henderson
SVP of Game Programming

“Game Development and Design students are talented, hard-working, and hit the ground running on day one. The proof is here at Everi, where we have hired many Game Development and Design alumni who have made major contributions to our products.”

JezSJez Sherlock
Technical Director

“The Game Development and Design Program gives students the opportunity of collaborating in an actual multidisciplinary game development project from stages of concept and design through to production. The experience and insight gained from the process is valuable and prepares participants very well for game development careers. Partnering with the Game Development and Design Program has been a great way for Apsyr to connect with the highly promising talent over at UT.”

GDAD Alumni Testimonials



Ryan Martin

Capstone: Spring 2018
Game: Royal Plush
“The Game Development and Design courses at UT were some of the most useful and relevant courses I took throughout my college career. The Capstone taught me how to work in a team and collaborate with others from different fields of study. Although making a game had its challenges, the results were very rewarding.”


Melody Bolton
Software Development Engineer

Capstone: Spring 2013
Game: Milk Run
“The Game Development and Design Program courses were some of the most relevant courses that I took related to my career interests.”


Jacky Chou
Game Developer

Capstone: Fall 2014 & Spring 2014
Game: Abyssal Blade & Xeno Aegis
“The Capstone taught me to collaborate by making games. The experience I got from the course helped me land my job.”


Steven Dao
Software Engineer

Capstone: Fall 2014 & Spring 2015
Game: Colorless & The Thing I Don’t Want to Think About
“Many of the things that I learned in the Game Development and Design Program are directly applicable to my day-to-day job at Google. For example, the Game Development and Design Program taught me a lot about how to work with people from many different disciplines–at Google I work with engineers, UX researchers, UI designers, testers, and product managers spanning many different teams.”


Stormy Emery
Associate Software Engineer
Scientific Games

Capstone: Fall 2015 & Spring 2016
Game: Ingrid & Ami
“The Capstone course brought me countless sleepless nights and an addiction to caffeine that I can’t seem to kick…and I would do it all again in a heartbeat. This course paved the way for me landing the job that I have today, and the skills I learned while taking it made the transition into a real game studio as smooth as could be.

Ricardo Escobar
MFA Student
NY Game Center

Capstone: Fall 2016 & Spring 2017
Game: Flippy Flop & Hostile Work Environment
“The Capstone course is a great opportunity for students to collaborate, experiment, and hone their craft. The Game Development and Design Program was my first major step into game development, and its multidisciplinary approach really helped me become a more well-rounded game designer.”


Ryan Griege
Generalist Programmer
Spacetime Studios

Capstone: Spring 2013
Game: Circuit
“There’s no way I’d be employed, if it weren’t for the invaluable knowledge and experience I acquired through the Game Development and Design Program.”


Russell Jahn
Unity3D Software Engineer
Athgo International

Capstone: Fall 2013 & Spring 2014
Game: Quantum & Lethal Pursuit
“Working with others in interdisciplinary teams on a semester-long project was extremely valuable. You learn soft skills of communication and coordination that you don’t typically get in class.”


Minjie Kim

Capstone: Fall 2016 & Spring 2017
Game: Bounty Hunter Blues & Hostile Work Environment
“Taking the Capstone course really helped with figuring out a good workflow and learning how to work well with a team. I was picked up by the team immediately when I started looking for work as a game artist and I’m grateful for everything the Game Development and Design Program taught me about networking and looking for jobs.”


Corben Marroquin

Capstone: Fall 2013
Game: Romskip Saga
“The Capstone is so closely formatted to how an actual game studio works that it prepared me for nearly everything I now do every day working as a professional artist. Being able to come up with cool, original ideas while working closely with programmers, producers, and other artists to implement them in a way that engages a player is what game development is all about.”


Emily Meo
Audio Designer

Capstone: Spring 2013
Game: Hagakure | Precursor | Milk Run
“Touring Everi in the Capstone course back in 2013 provided me with tons of interview material, which definitely helped my chances at getting my job at Everi. So, thanks so much!”


Katie Park
Software Engineer

Capstone: Fall 2014 & Spring 2015
Game: Colorless & The Thing I Don’t Want to Think About
“I really enjoyed my time in the Game Development and Design Program and the Capstone course. They were definitely the highlight of my time at college and a great experience.”


Mario Rodriguez
Contract Video Developer
sonarDesign, Inc.

Capstone: Spring 2013 & Spring 2014
Game: Milk Run & Port of Call
“The Capstone helped me experience an environment that closely emulated a real life game studio. The class allowed my team to be creative and create something that was truly unique since we were able to work like we were an indie game studio.”


Mark Rubin

Capstone: Spring 2014
Game: Port of Call
“The Capstone course was a wonderful opportunity to gain hands-on experience in creating music and audio for games. I was able to hone my own skills while simultaneously learning about new ways to apply them in a collaborative art form that I may not have otherwise had the chance to explore as an RTF major.”


Leo Schnee
Software Engineer

Capstone: Spring 2013
Game: The Short Story of Titus
“I picked my team at Zynga largely because of the field trip I took in the Capstone class.”


Katie Tiller

Capstone: Spring 2013
Game: Circuit
“The Capstone provided me with realistic game development experience by being in an organized team with deadlines and game critiques.”


Lynn Vuong
Content Associate
Enspire Inc.

Capstone: Spring 2013 & Spring 2014
Game: Precursor & Port of Call
“The Capstone class tested my skills and prepared me the best way possible for not only real studio experience, but really a lifetime of commitment, hard work and great teammates and friends along the way.”


Esteben Zaldivar
Level Designer/World Builder

Capstone: Fall 2013
Game: Quantum
“The Game Development and Design Program was great, its interdisciplinary approach allows you to choose your area of interest and collaborate with different disciplines. Through the program I began familiarizing myself with game development, started networking with industry folks and landed my first internship, which would later allow me to obtain my first full-time position as a game designer after graduation.”