Game Technology: Spring 2012

Paddletronic Duel

Paddletronic DuelPaddletronic Duel1Paddletronic Duel2Paddletronic Duel3

Based on his work in the Game Technology course, Tom Yu created a company, Bursting Brains Studio, which recently published its first game! Yu says, “I owe a lot to the Game Technology course. I learned so much from that class just because of how intense it was. It made us create an entire game, and that experience is why I’m here today with an awesome game published on Android.”

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John Steve Turner launched a company, Big Men Games, based on his classwork in Game Technology. As Turner states, “I learned more working on this project than I did in the 5 years I spent at UT. I wish there were more professors like Dr. Toprac that encourage learning by doing and having passion for the field of game study.”

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