Digital Production Art 3D: Spring 2014

The Spring 2014 semester saw undergraduates from the College of Fine Arts create 3D Digital Art & Animation. The students in the course participated in an in-depth study and practice of 3D modeling, surfacing, lighting, rendering, animation, compositing, and visual FX using Autodesk Maya, Adobe Photoshop, among other programs.

This particular semester was a collaboration between the whole class. They were to create graphics based on the pop art of Roy Lichtenstein. Each student modeled, textured, rigged, and animated a painting, then created transitions to make the video flow from one to another.

Below is the result (right-click->save the image for more detail).

Digital Production Art 3D Spring 2014 still image

Tara Awad, Annielyn Felux, Briana Gray, Laura Levisay, Patrick Matthews, Lyz Reblin, Mario Rodriguez, Trevor Scott, Catherine Wetmore