Game Dev Capstone 3D Games: Spring 2017

The 3D Capstone Course in the GDAD Program at the University of Texas at Austin occurs each spring, and challenges students to utilize all their new skills to create a final project. Undergraduates from the Center for Arts and Entertainment Technologies, Computer Science Department, and Radio-Television-Film Department, and other departments across campus, were assigned to one of four teams, and each team developed their own unique 3D video game.

Hostile Work Environment
Spuzzleworks Studios

Samuel Braley
Clay Damron
Ricardo Escobar
Minjie Kim
Nick Morales
David Payne
Erin Pennington

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Mind’s Eye
Mind’s Eye Studio

Nathaniel Ballinger
B.J. Crowell
Taylor Harton
Christopher Komplin
Anthony Ortiz
Ryan Wade
William Zhong

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Shotgun Princess
Fractal Outhaul

Blaine Brezina
Itoro Esiere
Jenna Goldberg
Kay McGuire
Zackary Misso
Brian Shiau
Doug Wiley

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Two Wizards
Team Two Wizards

Jason Cheon
Dana Hagan
Aidan Kessler
Jessica Lin
Anurag Papineni
Rafik Rizik
Mitchell Webb

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