Game Dev Capstone 3D Games: Spring 2016

The 3D Capstone Course in the GDAD Program at the University of Texas at Austin occurred in the Spring, as it had the previous year. Undergraduates from the Computer Science Department, College of Fine Arts, and Radio-Television-Film Department were assigned to one of six teams, and each team developed a 3D video game.

At the end of the semester, the teams presented their games at Everi’s office. After viewing the presentations, Mara Flores, Director of Recruiting at Everi, commented, “The scope of the games that GAMMA students are able to create in a single semester is truly amazing. Having hired many GAMMA alumni at Everi, I’ve been impressed with how they are immediately able to contribute to the success of our company thanks to the invaluable skills they’ve learned developing games in a condensed timeframe.”

Below are the results of the the Capstone (Download – Unity Web Player).


Maria Belyaeva
Stormy Emery
Nishant Gupta
Guande Lyu
Cooper Ruff

Play (Mac & Windows) | Trailer

Final Flight
Team Hexforce

Jae Cho
Nicole Fastow
Ronald Kinard
Christina Rosales-Curlee
Cody Sivek
Steven Zhang

Play (Windows) | Trailer

Project VAL
Team Work In Progress

Abhinav Bannerjee
Jacob Garcia
Rahul Jaisimha
Maria Situ
Carson Taylor
Xinyi Wang

Play (Mac) | Play (Windows) | Trailer

Quantum Quark Quandary: Battle Bingo Blitz
Team “Send Error”

Evan Ahrendsen
Joshua Havens
Paige Hinkle
Morgan Honaker
Noah Killeen
Mitchell Santiago
Rakan Stanbouly

Play (Windows) | Trailer

Team Helios

Anthony Carillo
Stewart Johnson
Brett Kercher
Alexia Mercado
Angie Murphy
Xufei Wu

Play (Mac & Windows) | Trailer