Game Dev Capstone 2D Games: Fall 2018

The 2D Capstone Course in the GDAD Program at the University of Texas at Austin occurs each fall, and challenges students to utilize all their new skills to create a final project. Undergraduates from the Center for Arts and Entertainment Technologies, Computer Science Department, and Radio-Television-Film Department were assigned to one of four teams, and each team developed their own unique 2D video game.

These Fall 2018 projects were presented at a Digital Demo Day where faculty, students, and industry professionals asked students about the work and process behind each game.

Below are the results of the Capstone.

Title card for Icaro
Team Switcheroo
Jeff Cordes (Sound Designer)
Ian Diaz (Programmer)
Alex Lo (Programmer)
Duo Xu (Artist)
Sara Yang (Artist)

Awake in a supernatural underworld you know nothing about. In order to escape, you must defeat the Guardians of the underworld.

Play (Windows)

Screenshot of Meoware
Team Meoware
Diego Alcoz (Programmer)
Jake Ayars (Animator)
Alan Braxton (Animator)
Edgar Cardenas (Sound Designer)
Rose Hansen (Artist)
Ray Yang (Programmer)

You are a group of anti-virus cats sent into a malware-infected computer to clean it up. A worm is deleting everything in sight and it’s up to you to stop it.


Saboteur gameplayThe Saboteur
Rishi Amarnani (Programmer)
James Crabtree (Programmer)
Farhan Kamal (Sound Designer)
Bret Laidler (Sound Designer/Artist)
Isabel Miller (Artist)
Rogelio Navarro (Designer)

You are a highly trained covert assassin. Use your trusty boomerang, work your way up the hierarchy to dismantle the Pirate King’s criminal organization.

Play (Mac)
Play (Windows)

Set in Stone titlecard
Set in Stone
Heart Skull Productions
Melissa Lam (Animator)
Kevin Pick (Programmer)
Harrison Varvel (Sound Designer)
Kathy Vong (Artist)

In the ruins of an ancient society, enter a journey to understand your amnesia-stricken memories of the civilization’s golden age.