Game Dev Capstone 2D Games: Fall 2017

The 2D Capstone Course in the GDAD Program at the University of Texas at Austin occurs each fall, and challenges students to utilize all their new skills to create a final project. Undergraduates from the Center for Arts and Entertainment Technologies, Computer Science Department, and Radio-Television-Film Department were assigned to one of five teams, and each team developed their own unique 2D video game. These Fall 2017 projects were presented at a Digital Demo Day where faculty, students and industry professionals asked students about the work and process behind each game.

Below are the results of the Capstone.

Hoodlum Heartbreaker
Team b0y5

Samantha Valdez
Joshua Teal
David Lopez
Cristina Anderson
Joel Davis
Callie Koch

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Iro Ga Aru

Katrina Gwen Dalmacio
Shannon Carr
Tavian Floyd
Tyler James
John Tran
Persia Ghaffari
Kevin Du

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The Elysian Games
B.C. Studios

Nick Morales
Carli Evangelista
Sara Wong
Braeden Kennedy
David Du
Lior Vansteenkiste

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The Iron District
Table Flip Studios

Ryan Martin
Sree Lingam
Mitchio Porter
Christopher Skoog
Nilo Lisboa
Gabrielle Ransom

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To the Core again
Team Gatorp Corp.

Christopher Philip
Mikki Pasasadaba
Jasmine Kay Uy
Stephanie Smith
Jaemin Go
Scott Huang
Luben Popov

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