Game Dev Capstone 2D Games: Fall 2015

The 2D Capstone Course in the GDAD Program at the University of Texas at Austin occurred in the Fall, as it had the previous year. Undergraduates from the Computer Science Department, College of Fine Arts, and Radio-Television-Film Department were assigned to one of six teams, and each team developed a 2D video game.

At the end of the semester, the teams presented their games at Bee Cave Games’s office. After viewing the presentations, Nimai Malle, Chief Technical Officer at Bee Cave Games, commented, “Having only attended early playtests for the Capstone games, I have never seen the end result of the development cycle, the conflicts the student teams ran into are problems we deal with on a daily basis. The experience gained in the Capstone course is invaluable.”

Below are the results of the the Capstone (Download – Unity Web Player).

Angelica Hall: Victorian Detective
Seal Team 6

Christopher Bentson
Caragh Givens
Shannon McNulty
Jayson Niner
Lillie Noe

Play (Mac & Windows) | Trailer

Black Monday
Carousel Productions

Seung Baek
Anthony Carillo
Quyen Castellanos
Reed Erlandson
Brett Kercher
Caroline Schram

Play (Mac) | Play (Windows) | Trailer

Team Over It

Maria Belyaeva
Nhu Nguyen
Thang Nguyen
James Nicholson
Anna Pedersen
Matthew Stromberg

Play (Windows) | Trailer

Red Infernal Panda

Stormy Emery
Kristine Fodor
Bailey Lund
Sarah Magliocca
John Solis
Xufei Wu

Play (Windows) | Trailer

Requires an Xbox controller to play.

Scaredy Cat

Briana Gray
Kay McGuire
Ashley Pizano
Leroy Rosales
Dilnur Yuldashev

Play (Mac) | Play (Windows) | Trailer

Shut Eye
Inherently Evil Corporation

Meena Bae
Calvin Bench
Sydney Mantrom
Mitchell Santiago
Rakan Stanbouly
Nasstassja Venegas

Play (Windows) | Trailer | Website