Game Dev Capstone 2D Games: Fall 2014

The 2D Capstone Course in the GAMMA Program at the University of Texas at Austin occurred in the Fall, as it had the previous year. Undergraduates from the Computer Science Department, College of Fine Arts, and Radio-Television-Film Department were assigned to one of six teams, and each team developed a 2D video game.

At the end of the semester, the teams presented their games at Chaotic Moon’s office. After viewing the presentations, Omar Khan, Lead Unity Developer, commented, “Compared to the early playtests, some of the games went through dramatic transformations. I am always impressed how they take our user feedback to expand on their games, or in some cases, changing them completely.”

Below are the results of the the Capstone (Download – Unity Web Player).

Abyssal Blade
The Nerd Herd

Dylan Carter
Jacky Chou
Pearl Lo
Andrew Robards
Brandon Salch

Play | Trailer

Transient Games

John Dodson
Robert Luckfield
Tyler Pixley
Matt Schwartz
Taylor Womack

Play | Trailer

Boss Pit

Stephen Arnett
Tara Awad
Rio Sauer
Vitor Verissimo
William Vickery

Play (Controller – Multiplayer) | Trailer

Team Potato Lab

Steven Dao
Katie Park
Cindy To
Aaron Villalpando
Ronald Yam

Play | Trailer

Team Awesome

Xilu Fang
Jordan Graves
Paul Milla
Kyle Nielsen
Kevin Wade

Play | Trailer

The Meowstros

Kevin Ong
Cody Sivek
Nathan Watson
Alyssa Williams

Play | Trailer