Game Dev Capstone 2D Games: Fall 2013

The Fall 2013 semester was the second Capstone Course in the GDAD Program at the University of Texas at Austin. That semester, undergraduates from the Computer Science Department, College of Fine Arts, and Radio-Television-Film Department were assigned to one of four teams, and each team developed a 2D video game.

At the end of the semester, the teams presented their games at the EA/Bioware Austin office. After viewing the presentations, Ferby Miguel, Senior 2D/3D Artist, commented, “The effort and energy they put into their projects was inspiring and thought provoking. I am still blown away at how similar their difficulties and challenges were to ‘real’ world experiences we regularly face.”

Below are the results of the the Capstone (Download – Unity Web Player).

Dead Week
Team Dead Week

Savannah Hicks
Matt Leaverton
Liam McMahon
Trevor Scott
Newman Willis

Play | Trailer

Team One Hit Wonders

Mitchell Crites-Krumm
Rene Garcia
Russell Jahn
Ricky Llamas
Esteben Zaldivar

Play | Trailer

Romskip Saga
Team Fuzzy Pixels

Aaron Campbell
Jeffrey Dolan
David Finol
Fiona Lara
Corben Marroquin
Nicholas Vasquez

Play (Unity Web Player)

Teleport Man
Team Teleportman

Hector Carmona Miranda
Sa Liu
Darwin Pek
Ryan Spring

Play | Trailer