Purpose of Partnering

Texas has the second largest number of game studios in the U.S. with Austin having about 74% of the studios, Dallas-Ft. Worth (DFW) having about 18%, Houston about 7%, and the remainder of the state having about 1%. The Austin area is home to more than 100 game studios that impact the Austin economy by nearly $1 billion annually. The mobile industry is exploding and Texas, again, is perceived to be the second largest center of app development, with Austin having the most activity in the state.

However, the game and mobile industries face challenges like all industries, especially competition for talented employees. As the flagship public university in the state, the University of Texas at Austin provides opportunities and growth for the game development, mobile, and interactive media industries. The GAMMA Program is uniquely positioned to provide talent for these prolific industries. To create a world-class program to match the world-class studios in Texas, funding is required for the following purposes.


  • Teaching: Identifying new courses with the Academic Advisory Council and instructors to teach new and existing courses
  • Research : Perform R&D on games for good and experimental game design using equipment such as the Oculus Rift, Kinect, etc. (need dedicated space)

Student Services

  • Scholarships: Funding for disadvantaged and underrepresented students
  • Student Related Activities: Providing career services (e.g. resume reviews), admissions and curricular advice, and programs to build a game and mobile development community

Partner and Outreach Related Activities

  • Administrative and event costs of activities related to brand building and recruitment for companies
  • Administrative costs related to making partner connections and providing support to game and mobile related companies, causes, and events

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