Gaming Program Ranked Nationally by Animation Career Review

The Game and Mobile Media Applications (GAMMA) Program at The University of Texas at Austin has been ranked nationally by Animation Career Review, a website for aspiring animation, design and gaming professionals. In 2017, GAMMA was ranked No. 2 in the Southwest region, No. 7 nationally among public schools and colleges and No. 20 nationally.


GAMMA is an interdisciplinary undergraduate certificate program for students of the Center for Arts and Entertainment Technologies (CAET), Computer Science Department and Radio-Television-Film Department. The program produces graduates ready to design, develop and provide leadership for the game, mobile app and creative media agencies and studios in Texas and around the world.

Participating students individually build their pertinent skills within their respective degree programs and then come together to collaboratively develop 2D and 3D games for computer, mobile, online and virtual reality technology platforms in the program’s culminating experience: the Capstone Course.

“We are seeing the impact of the new B.S. in Arts and Entertainment Technologies, both internally and externally, which contains a strong GAMMA emphasis,” said Paul Toprac, associate director of GAMMA. “I attribute the climb in rankings due to our highly ranked computer science program and the emergence of the AET majors dedicated to game design and development.”

Animation Career Review is the only organization that provides ranking for both game development degree and non-degree programs. To determine rankings, Animation Career Review looks at each institution’s academic reputation, admissions selectivity, depth and breadth of the program and faculty and value as it relates to tuition and student debt. GAMMA rose from its 2016 rankings of No. 33 nationally, No. 14 among public schools and colleges and No. 5 in the Southwest region.