Game Development Program ranks nationally for 2019

2019 Game Design Rankings

The Game Development and Design Program has been ranked nationally by Animation Career Review, a website for aspiring game industry professionals. Among game development programs in the US, GDAD was ranked #4 in the Southwest, #10 among Public Schools and Colleges, and the #17 National B.S. Program this year.

aceGDAD is an interdisciplinary certificate program between theĀ Department of Arts and Entertainment Technologies and Department of Computer Science. The program prepares students to design, develop, and lead in the game and creative media industry in Texas and around the world.

GDAD students individually build their skills in areas such as programming, art, audio engineering, or animation and then come together to collaboratively develop 2D and 3D games for computer, mobile, and VR platforms. The program culminates in a 2-semester capstone course sequence.

Throughout 2019, the program has made great strides by solidifying its relationship between the Department of Computer Science and Department of Arts and Entertainment Technologies.

Animation Career Review is the only organization that provides ranking for game development programs nationally. The ranking process is holistic and looks at academic reputation, admission selectivity, depth and breadth of the program, value as it relates to tuition, and a new consideration for 2019, employment data. Ranking data helps aspiring students discover the best schools and programs for their needs.

GDAD rose from its 2018 ranking, #18, of schools offering a B.S. in game design.