The GAMMA Program Hosts Fall 2015 Digital Demo Day

The University of Texas at Austin’s Game and Mobile Media Applications (GAMMA) Program hosted the Fall 2015 Digital Demo Day (DDD) event on Wednesday, December 9th. The event showcased student-made digital content created throughout the semester in Computer Science (CS), Radio-Television-Film (RTF), and Center for Arts and Entertainment Technologies (CAET) courses.

Students and faculty play games and mingle on Digital Demo Day.

Digital Demo Day

The DDD event occurred in the Bill & Melinda Gates Computer Science Complex and Dell Computer Science Hall (GDC). During the event, attendees were able to view and interact with work from students in majors across campus, including 2D and 3D digital animation and art from the brand-new CAET, student work from “Writing/Narrative Design for Video Games” from RTF, and a wide variety of Android and iOS apps produced in CS mobile computing courses.

The final DDD exhibition was the GAMMA Program’s Capstone Course 2D games. The Capstone teams created games in a variety of genres including an action platforming cat game, a multiplayer turn-based strategy game set in an alternative 1980s, a World War II themed stealth horror game, a unique black and white inversion puzzle adventure game, a puzzle game where a ghost scares humans out of a house, and a Victorian themed interactive narrative mystery game about saving the Queen of England from an assassin.

“The sheer amount and quality of the content created this semester is astounding,” said Paul Toprac, Associate Director of the GAMMA Program, “Each semester, the diversity of DDD seems to expand exponentially thanks to the constant development of new game, mobile, and digital media courses being offered at UT. I look forward to seeing what shows up next semester!”

The next DDD will be held in Spring 2016.


The Game and Mobile Media Applications (GAMMA) Program at the University of Texas at Austin is an interdisciplinary undergraduate certificate program between the College of Fine Arts, Computer Science Department, and Radio-Television-Film Department. The program produces graduates ready to design, develop, and provide leadership for the exploding growth in game, mobile app, and creative media agencies and studios in Texas and around the world. For more information on the GAMMA Program, please visit or contact Paul Toprac.