Blizzard Entertainment Hosts GAMMA Program’s Spring 2014 Capstone Post-Mortem

May 5, 2014

AUSTIN, Texas – Last week, Blizzard Entertainment hosted The University of Texas at Austin’s Game and Mobile Media Applications (GAMMA) Program’s Spring 2014 Capstone Post-Mortem. Five student-led teams presented their final games, teaser trailers, and development cycles to local game industry professionals at Blizzard Entertainment on Wednesday, April 30th.

The Capstone is the culminating experience of the GAMMA Program. Bringing together students from the Computer Science Department, College of Fine Arts, and Radio-Television-Film Department, the Capstone seeks to reflect the realities of the industry: people from different disciplines with diverse talents having to work together in groups to develop digital games.

This particular semester marked a major milestone for the Capstone, as it was the first semester 3D game development was taught. Using the Unity game engine, five teams—Extra D, Glacticats, Underdog Games, Waterford, and Xeno Aegis (see below)—built five completely original 3D games. The teams this semester produced everything from a multiplayer deathmatch game, a real-time strategy game, a mobile stealth game, and even an interactive fiction game.

“I was surprised to see the variety of styles the class chose to pursue for their games this semester,” said Dr. Paul Toprac, Associate Director of the GAMMA Program. “Being able to work in 3D seemed to push them creatively and allowed for some truly interesting game concepts.”

Having attended Alpha and Beta tests for the Capstone games previously in the semester, the industry professionals from Blizzard Entertainment finally got to view the final products during the post-mortem. “It was amazing to see the student’s progression through testing; their development cycle mirrors that of professional studios,” said Kelly Milsop, Talent Acquisition at Blizzard Entertainment. “The Capstone is great preparation for the daily realities of working at a game studio.”

Capstone students will build 2D games in Fall 2014 before returning to 3D game development in Spring 2015.


Team Xeno Aegis


Team Waterford


Team Underdog Games


Team Glacticats


Team Extra D

For more information, contact: Cameron M. Weed, Game and Mobile Media Applications Program, 512 475 6602.