GAMMA Executive Board

The GAMMA Program has received support from inside and outside the University of Texas at Austin. The GAMMA Executive Board includes leaders from both UT and industry professionals. The board’s purpose is to ensure the GAMMA Program meets the needs of industry while ensuring the industry hires our students. The following board members from UT and the industry are instrumental in growing the program.

Academic Leadership:

The University of Texas at Austin lead is Paul Toprac, Associate Director and Senior Lecturer of the GAMMA Program. He works closely with Doug Dempster, Dean of the College of Fine Arts, and Bruce Pennycook, Director of the Center for Arts and Entertainment Technologies.

Doug Dempster headshot

Doug Dempster

Bruce Pennycook headshot

Bruce Pennycook

Paul Toprac headshot

Paul Toprac

Industry Chair:

Jerry Bowerman headshot

Jerry Bowerman
CEO at sonarDesign, Inc.
2014 Bronze GAMMA Champ2015 Bronze GAMMA Champ

Industry Members:

Jennifer Bullard headshot

Jennifer Bullard
Director of Program Management at Querium

Comments: “UT Austin has created a top tier game development program that prepares students for work in the video game industry. This much-needed program brings qualified candidates to employer’s doorsteps and supports our local ecosystem. We are looking forward to great graduates year after year.”

Andrew Busey headshot

Andrew Busey
Founder & CPO at Conversable
2014 Bronze GAMMA Champ

Anthony Castoro headshot

Anthony Castoro
General Manager at Daybreak Games

Brett Close headshot

Brett Close

Scott Henderson headshot

Scott Henderson
SVP of Game Programming at Everi

Mark Tait headshot

Mark Tait
Senior Director of Product at Scientific Games

Richard Vogel headshot

Richard Vogel
President at Battlecry Studios

Gordon Walton headshot

Gordon Walton
President at ArtCraft Entertainment
2014 Bronze GAMMA Champ

Academic Members:

Donald Fussell headshot

Donald Fussell
Professor, Computer Science Department