Apply to the Capstone Course

Applications are open for the 3D Game Development Capstone Course for Spring 2015! Apply here: Capstone Course Application Form.

Things to consider when applying:

  • Teams and work-in-progress project(s) are now being accepted!
  • Students must have a portfolio website to apply! We recommend using Behance, Seelio, and LinkedIn. Behance is better for those who want to design a portfolio, while Seelio is better for those who want to create a solid portfolio fast. Although not really a portfolio site, if you are applying as a programmer, a LinkedIn site is sufficient. Here is some more information on popular free portfolio sites.
  • Please send your resume to Dr. Toprac in PDF (preferred) or MS Word format: If you don’t hear back from Dr. Toprac within 3 days, please check with him to ensure that he has received your application and email.

Seats are limited, so apply now! We are still looking for artists, animators, composers, sound designers, special effects artists, and world designers.

How will your application be assessed?
We will primarily focus on your grade point average, coursework, and the level of experience and expertise shown in the portfolios. We are looking for the most talented, creative, and productive candidates who can work together in teams to produce exciting new games and mobile apps. We will also take into account when you graduate, your career goals, and any other relevant information, as well as passion.

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